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Brisbane Group Programs & Services

SKiP offers Group Pain Management Programs to children and their families throughout the calendar year. There are 4-components to the Group Pain Management Program: MDT Assessment, 4-Day Group Treatment Program, Follow-Up and MDT Review (4-5 families per group program intake).

We also offer a 1-Day Multidisciplinary Review Clinic to children who may not need the comprehensive group program but would benefit from an educational refresher and a review by SKiP’s multidisciplinary allied health team. Please note, families may join past program participants.

SKiP can also provide telehealth consultations via phone or Skype. Please email to enquire about these services.

Click on the following link to view our 2021 Brisbane Programs & Services Calendar or see our 2020 health practitioner letter for a sample of our program schedule.

Program Eligibility

Please refer to the following information when considering a referral to SKiP:

● Less than 14 years of age
● Has been experiencing persistent pain for over 3 months
● Medical investigations have ruled out red flags
● No major behavioural issues – e.g. aggression
● No major mental health issues (child and caregiver) e.g. high distress, safety issues
● Has ambulant mobility
● Independent in self care

Caregivers/families should:

● Be open to seeking services from SKiP
● Be willing to commit and support their child through the program
● Have the ability to travel to the SKiP delivery venue (located in Tarragindi, Brisbane)
● Have identified problems with child’s functioning e.g. difficulties in school, daily activities, poor sleep
● Have identified problems with child’s mood e.g. sadness, irritability, withdrawal

Referral Pathways

All SKiP participants must have a current referral from a registered GP or specialist. Health care providers are encouraged to use our SKiP Referral Form.

Referrals are accepted via the following methods. Please address all referrals to Dr. Kathleen Cooke, Director, Support Kids in Pain.

Phone: 0434 747 547
Fax: (07) 3262 4943
Post: PO Box 3045, West End QLD 4101.

Acceptable referral sources include:

  • Public or Private Paediatrician/Paediatrician Sub-Specialist
  • Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital, Persistent Pain Service
  • General Practitioner (GP).

If a specialist referral is supplied, we will request further information from a GP. After participating in the SKiP program, each child will be given a pain management plan to implement at home with the support of their GP.

Resources for Health Professionals: 

2021 Brisbane Programs & Services Calendar
2020 Health Practitioner LetterSKiP Referral Form
Support Kids in Pain Information Brochure

Regional Outreach Service

In 2017, our team conducted outreach trips to the following regional areas:

Outreach visits took place over two days. Services included general education talk on persistent pain management for children, pain medicine specialist and pain allied health individual consultations, advisory support to health professionals and education to health and school professionals.

Please email if you would like to enquire about our outreach services or would like to discuss your needs.

Outreach Forms: Regional Outreach Service Registration Form