Support Kids in Pain (SKiP)

About Us

SKIP is Australia’s first and only Not-For-Profit organization to offer a free community-based pain management service to children and families coping with chronic pain. Our mission is to provide children with the skills and knowledge to overcome persistent pain.

We provide support and education for children and their families and professional in-service training for allied health professionals and general practitioners. Our multi-disciplinary approach to pain management is based on the best evidence-based practice overseas and is leading the way in paediatric pain management in Australia.

Our services

SKiP offers a range of community-based services for children and adolescents aged 14 years and under, including comprehensive group pain management programs, multidisciplinary assessment and refresher days, and an outreach service for families in regional Queensland. SKiP is proud to offer these services free to families.

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Meet the team

Our team is committed to ensuring the best health outcomes for children and adolescents with chronic pain. Overseen by Queensland’s only paediatric pain specialist, Dr Kathleen Cooke, our allied health team includes psychologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, art and relaxation practitioners. 

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Accessing quality information is an important part of understanding and managing chronic pain. The SKiP team have put together some resources that you may find helpful. We have also included a list of allied health practitioners in Brisbane to assist families in sourcing quality pain care. 

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