How to join a SKiP Program

What does a SKiP Program look like?

📂 Download our Brochure here

📂 2024 Program Dates

What does it cost?

Orientation Day – $100
Foundations Day – $200
Skills Day – $200
Followup Day – FREE

Additionally, we ask each family to sign a contract of participation to ensure they are aware of the program expectations. 

How do I apply for the Program?

To start the process of application, you will need a referral from your GP or Specialist. Find more Information for Referrers here. Each referral is read by one of our clinical team and then you will be contacted by our SKiP Admin staff.

Is there some paperwork to complete?

Once you have been invited to the program, there will be some forms to fill in – we will send these out to you via email but if you need to print another copy, you can download them here:

Paperwork for Children (5-12)
Paperwork for Adolescents (13-17)

Other paperwork we will provide to you once you are invited:

  • Letter for the student’s school about their absence during the program
  • Letter for the parents’ employer about their absence during the program
  • Information about the dates and specific activities for your program

You will need to scan your documents and return them via email to our Admin. If you don’t have a scanner, try an app for your smartphone, such as Scannable. This is just as easy as taking a photo but it will put your documents into PDF format and you can scan multiple pages to send them together. You just lay them flat on a table and scan each page with the app.

Telehealth Programs

When we run a program via Telehealth, we use Zoom. Find it here. You will need to download the program to your computer, phone or tablet, then log in using the link that will be sent out to you by our Clinical Coordinator – usually the day before your session. When you click on the link in the email, Zoom will pop up and give you step-by-step instructions to log in. Find a tutorial on how to join a meeting here.