Clinical Services

Child and Youth Pain Management Program (Group)

This is the premier service offered at SKiP. We offer about 20 places a year for this program. 

Each group program entitles a young person to four multidisciplinary team care sessions, which equates to approx. 15 hours of valuable allied health therapy. Sessions involve input from a pain medicine specialist, psychologist, physiotherapist and occupational therapist working together with each young person and family. Being based in Brisbane, many participants come from Queensland but we’ve also had young people from interstate complete this program. For distance participants, we now offer the flexibility of doing the selected group programs via telehealth. 

Our 4-session group program teaches children and young people positive coping skills and active self-management so they regain a sense of control over their pain and focus on functioning better despite pain. Young people will learn about the science of pain, understand why pain persists and find out what can be done about it (the most important part!) 

Sessions are safe, fun, supportive and interactive. The program covers a range of key skills that young people and families including:

  • understanding the mind-body link behind the pain alarm system
  • emotional and thought management skills
  • stress management and relaxation skills 
  • mindfulness skills
  • activity pacing and goal setting
  • retraining healthy sleep and daily living routines
  • appropriate exercise and movement approaches 
  • Parents also receive separate education, practical advice and coaching on how best to respond and support their young person’s condition.

Each Group Program includes:
1) Orientation Day
2) Foundations Day
3) Skills Day
4) Followup Day

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SKiP does not use up funds from other sources such as Medicare Enhanced Primary Care / Chronic Disease Plan, NDIS or Private Health Insurance. We understand young people may need these funds for further individual therapies/interventions. 

Why Groups?

Living with chronic pain is no fun and can be a terribly lonely and isolating experience. For the young person (and people around them) the impact of chronic/persistent pain can be significant and widespread (more than acute pain) resulting in many personal, social and emotional challenges. This is why we invest in small group programs (usually 4 per group) to give young people and families an opportunity to connect with others, learn with others going through a similar journey and know they’re not alone.  

Single Session Appointment / Adhoc Multidisciplinary Clinic  

We offer a very limited service for families seeking one-off appointments with the multidisciplinary team. This is suitable for children and young people who may not need the comprehensive group program (e.g. having accessed the SKiP Group Program in the past) but would benefit from an individual assessment/review or pain education refresher. This may involve joining a group session. SKiP will only be able to accommodate requests on an individual basis and is dependent on availability in the group program calendar.  

Program Eligibility

If you think this group program is right for you (or your young person), please use the following guide to determine suitability:

  • Less than 18 years of age
  • Have been experiencing persistent pain for over 3 months
  • Medical investigations have ruled out red flags
  • No major behavioural issues (e.g. aggression, hostility)
  • Stable mental health
  • Mobilise independently (can get around even if slow/difficult) 
  • Reasonably independent in basic self-care (e.g. eat, drink, hygiene)
  • Functional language and writing skills 
  • Feel comfortable in a small group, can interact with others 
  • Can follow instructions

Caregivers/families should:

  • Be ready to make changes to their current situation
  • Be open to non-pharmacological approaches i.e. self-management
  • Be willing to commit and support their child through the program
  • Have identified problems with their child’s functioning e.g. difficulties in school, daily activities, poor sleep, avoidance of movement and exercise. 
  • Have identified problems with their child’s mood e.g. sadness, irritability, withdraw
  • Have the ability to travel to a SKiP venue if receiving services in-person (suburb of Tarragindi)
  • Have access to reliable internet, a computer/device, camera and speaker if receiving services via telehealth. 

If you are unsure about your eligibility, please discuss this with your GP, medical specialist or other treating health professional. You can also contact our general inquiries line at