Brisbane Group Programs & Services

SKiP Pain Management Program

SKiP’s Pain Mangement Program is a free multidisciplinary group pain management program for children and adolescents under 14. Our program teaches active self-management skills to help children meet the personal, social and emotional challenges of living with chronic pain.

We deliver five pain management programs annually, each taking place over an eight week period. Conducted in a small group setting, the program includes:
1) a one-day multidisciplinary assessment
2) a four-day active self-management program
3) a one-day follow-up and reassessment
4) a half-day refresher for long-term support

Please click the link to download our 2021 Brisbane Programs & Services Calendar.

Our interactive workshops are family-centred, as well as fun! Participants learn a variety of techniques for managing their pain, including understanding pain physiology, relaxation, healthy sleep, coping with emotions (including anxiety and depression), and return to meaningful activities. Parents are actively involved and given practical advice on how to best support their child’s condition.

1-Day Multidisciplinary Review Clinic 

In addition to our pain management program, we also offer one-off multidisciplinary review and assessment days for children who may not need the comprehensive group program but would benefit from an educational refresher and a review by SKiP’s allied health clinicians. Please note, participants may be joining past SKiP program participants.

Referral Pathways

Referrals to our Brisbane programs are accepted via the following methods:

Fax: (07) 3262 4943
Post: PO Box 3045, South Brisbane BC QLD 4101.

Please address all referrals to Dr. Kathleen Cooke, Director, Support Kids in Pain.

Click on the link to access the GP/Specialist SKiP Referral Form.

Acceptable referral sources include:
● Public or Private Paediatrician/ Paediatrician Sub-Specialist
● Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital, Persistent Pain Service
● General Practitioner (GP)

If a specialist referral is supplied, we will request further information from a GP.

After participating in the SKiP program, each child will be given a pain management plan to implement at home with the support of their GP.